Sunday 23 December 2018

Heard Under The Sheds – 23/12/2018

A Trader has asked what happened to Munro’s? He walked past earlier this week and noticed it had been completely gutted. No noise, and no dust. Things might change when the digging and construction starts but he is impressed with the lack of disruption so far.

Christmas BBQ – we didn’t get to press in time last week but here are a couple of photos of the action on Friday last week when staff cooked breakfast for traders. There were a number of compliments (not complaints) about the cooking and of course the big discussion on the day was – should onions go under the sausage or over the sausage?  That debate will continue.

OH&S – a trader says that forklifts being driven through the Upper Market (sometimes at speed) while traders are setting up is a real worry and an accident waiting to happen.

Containers are coming – the approval for 12 more containers in SBA has been tabled, but the plans show that only 1.8m will be available for stalls on the South side of L Shed. Traders are suggesting that is probably not enough space for trading and do the containers need to be set that far back? 
In the meantime we understand that Expressions of Interest from traders will be asked for in January, with the actual installation of containers probably happening March/April.