Sunday 16 December 2018

GM Trader Selected For QVM Committee of Trustees

GM Trader Greg Smith will join Fleur Studd, George Milonas, Carl Greco, and Rocco Tripodi as Trader Representatives on the new Queen Victoria Market Committee of Trustees.

The Committee, appointed at the 27 November 2018 Council meeting, will provide the highest source of strategic advice to Council on both the $250 million renewal program and the strategic operations of the market.

Chaired by the Lord Mayor, the Committee is comprised of 13 members, including market traders, community representatives, independent nominees and Councillors.

The members include:
Sally Capp – Lord Mayor and Committee Chair
Rohan Leppert – Councillor
Jackie Watts - Councillor
Jane Fenton – Queen Victoria Market Board Chair
Jane Hodder – Queen Victoria Market Board Deputy Chair
Carl Greco – market trader
Fleur Studd – market trader
George Milonas – market trader
Greg Smith – market trader
Rocco Tripodi – market trader
Ian Hamm – community member
Jed Macartney – community member
Vanda Fortunato – community member

The Committee will consider matters which:
          are strategic in nature
          have a major impact on the direction of the market, including both the renewal program or operations
          relate to Council decision making about long term objectives of the market
          have a material impact on trader, customer and community experience of the market precinct.

The Committee will not consider matters which are
          commercial in confidence
          involve legally sensitive issues
          involve QVMPR Program or QVM routine operational decisions
          are time sensitive and where referral will impede innovation or entrepreneurial activity 
          involve matters pertaining to individual traders or customers
          are matters which are fully within the remit of the QVM Board

Further details about the committee can be found here – Committee of Trustees Terms of Reference.

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