Sunday 19 May 2019

Latest Retail News – 18/5/2019

Latest Retail News – 18/5/2019
1. Coles reformats 200 stores around ready-made meals.
2. Body Shop steps up plastic recycling.
3. Ebay to mail out 2 million printed catalogues.
4. Men are spending more on skin care and beauty products.
5. Coles introduces bulk size offerings on 25 key products.
6. exits Australian market.
7. Uber offers its customers “no talking” car rides.
8. Amazon quadruples the number of Aussie fashion brands on its site.
9. Plant based burgers increase in popularity in US.
10. Nielson Research says sustainability high on agenda for Australian shoppers.
11. Zara says local profit up 35% after online launch.
12. Italian fashion house, Fendi, arrives in Brisbane.

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