Sunday 26 May 2019

Heard Under The Sheds – 26/5/2019

A Trader hopes that the appointment of a new Operations Manager (Cleaning) will see a push on improved toilet facilities.

What 3 things do traders in the Upper market want? – according to one trader it is more relevant trading hours, more advertising, and fewer stall gaps (i.e. curation).

Is Joe Favata a doppelganger of Ed Kavalee? Comedian Ed Kavalee will be well known to watchers of the TV show “Have You Been Paying Attention”. Joe is a market trader well known for his commentary on market issues. Ed is a little taller but we think Joe is funnier.

A Trader asks why traders in L Shed are not invited to place display opposite their stalls while container installation is going on. The empty south side of L Shed is a bit of an eyesore.

One of our new traders is seeking some racking as he takes the next step in formalising his business at QVM. If you have some spare racking for sale, please email us at and we will pass on the details.

One of our traders had a first when the young lady ahead of him in the cash register queue at his local service station paid for his $15 worth of petrol. We have two questions – What fragrance does he wear and who buys just $15 worth of petrol these days? All jokes aside, it is nice to hear of a real example of paying it forward. This trader was impressed.

A trader asks who, or what, is going to kickstart buying after the election “because the current trend is going to send many of us broke.”

Wednesday night’s compulsory induction meeting for all Winter Night Market Traders included the warning that some traders were being swapped from their normal positions to keep the Night Market fresh and dynamic.

Also from the Night Market induction meeting – some new stall positioning has been necessitated by the installation of containers in SBA. It will be interesting to see how that changes customer flow and how it impacts on business.

A Trader noted that some of the “Welcome” light boxes in K/L Sheds were not lit this week. Maintenance has been alerted.

We have heard that an injunction brought by a Trader over a stall move was thrown out by the VCAT judge this week with no case to answer.

A customer from China was surprised to see ATMs around our market. He claims they are now very rare in China with almost all transactions conducted by card. Presumably he was from Hong Kong.

A trader noted a fancy new “Market Stalls” section in the Visitor Centre in SBA which highlighted some of the special produce available from our food halls. He thought it looked very professional.

NOTE: A Trader has complained that our Have Your Say facility is not as easy to use as it used to be.  Google have changed their processes and made commenting a little more complicated but we have now included an option to email us directly if that is preferred. - Ed

28/5/2019 12:24 - "I did not complain I just made the comment that it was simpler to use previously."
Noted - and it would seem the email option works fine. Thanks for your contribution. - Ed.