Sunday 12 May 2019

Heard Under The Sheds - 12/5/2019

Storage boxes may have more uses than we realised with this stray in the Centre Walkway performing as a Tourist Meeting Module. Thanks to Danielle for the photo.

Intrigue continues with the allocation of containers in String Bean Alley with three current market traders confirming they have been offered containers. We understand a number of outsiders are also on the list and a few new hopefuls in our market missed out. Installation of the first containers will commence tomorrow (Monday) and all containers should be in position by the first Winter Night Market on June 5th. Seventy applications were received from a wide variety of retailers/manufacturers for 12 new containers.

Rumour has it that an Irish accent may soon be heard at TRC meetings with the appointment of a new representative.

Apparently one of our traders had dinner with some AFL luminaries during the week including Damien Hardwick and a John Worsfold. Not sure if he is in the footy tipping competition but watch out for some inside information to surface.

Increased advertising is high on the list of trader requests and one points out that if every trader posted on Instagram or Facebook every trading day then maybe we could have a big impact. Most of us just need to know how to do that.

A group of traders agreed that the hardest job in the market right now might just belong to Precinct Manager, Russell Wheelhouse, as he attempts to relocate traders displaced from Queen St. and String Bean Alley. The stakes are high when moving traders because livelihoods are involved. Each move has an impact, and many require a whole sequence of other moves to come together. The traders agreed that they were happy for Russell to have that job rather than them.

Does our photo show the first Drive-through service in the Upper Market?

Missing tourists - a trader says he can't remember the last time the West Coast Eagles were in town (playing against St.Kilda on Saturday night) but their fans were absent from the market. Is this just the downturn biting, the election blues impacting, or some other reason?

A Day Trader who also trades in the Night Market was asked if he was looking forward to having three nights off with the Europa Market finishing this week and the Winter Night Market commencing on 5th June. This trader said he would much prefer to trade. The Night Market is just too important to his income stream right now. 

13/5/19 - 1045 - "I notice Q2 precinct manager still has to look after NMP. Is this back on the radar?" -OOOps.
(Q2 Including Victoria St., A-F Sheds and NMP– Peter Shepheard 0429 372 779)

No OOOps - just a slack editor failing to tidy up loose ends. Thanks for pointing that out. Now corrected - Ed.