Sunday 19 May 2019

Retailers Worst Nightmare And More

Major US Mall Replaces Car Park With Park

In an interesting parallel with QVM, one of the major US Shopping malls has made a decision to swap its car park for a park because it is better for business.

Westfield Garden State Plaza is New Jersey’s largest mall and it is one of the most successful in the US. It has decided that the future lies in presenting convenient options for the large number of people looking to live, work and play in their neighbourhood.

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Retailers Worst Nightmare

Imagine if the number of retailers in your area suddenly increased and your proportion of business was diluted. A new app in the US has received nearly $8million funding this year to allow anybody (yes anybody) to set up an online store.

“Storr allows anybody to open an online store in a matter of minutes through the mobile app on Android and iOS. It’s just a matter of choosing a name and selecting items from the various brands that have chosen to integrate their inventory with the platform.

Brands themselves set the rates for commission, which must fall between 15% and 30%. Perhaps more importantly, the seller doesn’t have to do anything else — the brands take care of managing inventory, shipping, and dealing with returns.”