Sunday 9 June 2019

Latest Retail News - 9/6/2016

Latest Retail News – 9/6/2019
1. Aldi to launch first China store in Shanghai this week.
2. Kmart Tyre & Auto Service becomes Mycar.
3. Coca Cola sells SPC for $40m.
4. Retail spending down in April but rate cuts expected to help.
5. Darrel Lea releases its first ever chocolate blocks.
6. Major supermarkets look at refill dispensers to cut back on plastic packaging.
7. Topshop is closing all its stores in the USA.
8. Woolworths to revamp its supermarket offer with more customer convenience and service.
9. Toys’R’Us to return to Australia with smaller stores and online focus.
10. ACCC examines APRA’s near monopoly on music licenses for stores and venues.
11. Myer offers AfterPay in store.
12. Daigou Business, AuMake, sets record sales as business with China improves.