Sunday 30 June 2019

More Than A Market

In the cold hard world of business we need to remain logical, considered, and not let emotion get in the way of good decisions. But sometimes that is hard, and two conversations at QVM this week highlighted that dilemma.

First was the Trader who became teary talking about the immense frustration of trying to get some changes at their stall and the barriers that were being put in their way. Tears are reluctantly shown around our market (tired kids excluded) and this was a Trader desperate to get the very best for their business and to showcase their offer in the best possible way.

The second conversation was quite different. This Trader has long been planning retirement and ensuring that their children took up the reins of running the stall. They have slowly managed the transition and everything was going to plan, except for one thing - working at QVM is far more enjoyable than retirement. Their problem now is to maintain contact with the market they love and not get in the way of their kids.

QVM is not just a market. For many of its Traders it is an immensely important prime business activity and an integral part of their lifestyle. It is more than buying, selling, and merchandising. It is more than profit and loss. There are many reasons why this is a special place to work.  The enjoyment of running your own business, the striving for excellence, and the unique social bonds you form in a market are all part of the package.

Take out the emotion? Good luck with that.