Sunday 30 June 2019

Latest Retail News – 30/6/2019

Latest Retail News – 30/6/2019
1. Reserve Bank says retail suffering more than any other industry in Australia.
2. A French online marketplace for buying and selling pre-owned luxury fashion gets S65m funding.
3. Amazon expected to take lead in UK’s cooking & baking market from Sainsbury.
4. ROPO (research online, purchase offline) is latest retail buzzword.
5. Some retailers blaming poor sales on plastic bag ban.
6. Woolworths expands its checkout free, Scan&Go, trial to more stores.
7. Amatil develops Australia’s first 100% recycled plastic drink bottle.
8. Monash survey says 92% of Australian consumers believe sustainable business practices are now expected.
9. H&M focuses more on online investment.