Sunday 2 June 2019

In Praise Of Tourists

Specialty Merchandise Traders in the Upper Market rely heavily on tourists for successful trading days. They will tell you that there is a world of difference between locals and tourists when it comes to buying attitudes (pun intended).
So we have compiled a table of customer attitudes that might just explain this phenomenon and illustrate why tourists are the lifeblood of the Upper Market.

Do I really need that?
I’m on holiday and I’m a buying machine.
I can get it anytime I like.
I’m only here for a day or two.
Maybe I’ll go home and think about it.
I need to make a decision now.
It will still be here next week.
I won’t be back for 12 months.
I don’t have to rush.
I may never see this again.
I’ll check out the local shops or online.
I may never see this again.
Why is every second stall a souvenir trader?
This is a treasure chest for souvenirs.

I’ve got a budget.
I’m on holiday and ready to spend.
The stock market just went down.
I’ve cancelled all my news feeds.

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