Sunday 2 June 2019

Traders Get Digital Access To Their Business Information

The online Traders Portal will go live in a staggered roll-out from this week. At last Traders will be able to use modern technology for a number of important yet procedural tasks.

Want to know how much leave you have? – Go online to the portal.

Want to know how your rent account looks? – Go online to the portal.

Want to ask a question or make an application? – Go online to the portal.

Here is the full blurb from the latest Trader Bulletin –


As you may be aware, QVM management have been working with a number of traders to develop a dedicated online trader portal to support traders’ business management and access to important Market information.
Following a successful trial involving twenty traders, Trader Connect Online will now be launched to the trader community. From Tuesday 28 May, traders will receive access to Trader Connect Online in a staggered roll-out to ensure all traders receive appropriate IT support during their first week of online account access.
QVM management are committed to supporting trader businesses operating in the Market, and the arrival of Trader Connect Online will bring a valuable new resource for traders to access information and manage their businesses at the Market.

With the new online portal, traders will have access to:
  • View account balances and print invoices or statements;
  • Request maintenance, operational or administrative support;
  • Report an incident to QVM;
  • Schedule and manage trader leave (SL/PE Licence holders only);
  • Manage and update your contact information;
  • Catch up on the latest Market news;
  • QVM marketing promotions and opportunities; and
  • Find out what’s on at the Market and around Melbourne.
More information will be shared with traders in the coming weeks. Read the full email here or contact Peter Tingate, QVM Trader Connect Online Administrator on 0499 500 052 or email

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