Sunday 2 June 2019

Heard Under The Sheds - 2/6/2019

Shocked Trader wants to know how the  minimum wage all of a sudden became an attractive option.

Another Trader said - “$740.80 per week - Are you serious? That is the MINIMUM wage?”

Whisper is that the back of at least some of our SBA Containers will be decorated.

The new Queen St. seating and plant boxes seem to get a big thumbs up from traders despite some concern about traders who have been displaced. However the changes are generally considered to open up the shed entrances and as one trader said “it is good to see the facilities are being embraced by the public”.

A Trader is contemplating a side business in lemonade and olive oil. Apparently the planter boxes in Queen St. contain a lemon tree with lemons and an olive tree bearing fruit.

Some more rumours that new traders in SBA will include a barber and a bookshop.

There has been much speculation about how Betty Jennings will adopt new trading arrangements. None of the speculators had actually spoken to Betty so we will leave that alone.

A Trader wonders whether the Fremantle Dockers shock win over Collingwood might inspire more of their fans to come to Melbourne and the Queen Victoria Market. “Freo way to go!!!!!!!!!”