Sunday 29 December 2019

Why Was Monday Business So Good At QVM?

Monday 23rd December was a special market day and the Upper Market experienced good sales.   The timing, just before Christmas, was a key factor but there were other reasons for strong sales and maybe we need to look at those.

This was a unique market centred around D - E sheds. It was specially curated for the occasion, and maybe curation is the most important ingredient here. Traders were allocated stalls to give good balance and make the most of their displays. Without the restrictions of historical stall allocation it was easier for Precinct Managers to create a cohesive market without gaps - the mystical “buzz” that all Traders look for was evident.

The special Monday market followed on from a similarly successful Monday market on Christmas Eve in 2018.

A couple of our Traders were asked why they thought business was good. One said it was a comparatively small market so more customers per Trader means better sales.  Another suggested it was a combination of things - timing, marketing, and no stall gaps.  This Trader added that Traders seemed to put in a bit extra effort on presentation and merchandising, possibly because this was a fresh opportunity, in a new location.

Freshness, no gaps, and a little extra effort - so how do we create those conditions more often in the Upper Market?