Sunday 1 December 2019

Is This QVMs Best Ever Brochure?

The QVM Christmas Gift Guide 2019 is a well put together publication that many Traders believe raises the bar on previous promotions.
 Aided by glossy quality paper and printing, this year’s brochure is in a handy format that encourages portability and use.

The photos are professional and the mix of quality products and Traders (great looking Traders at that) seems just right.
 Apparently the take-up by Traders this year was strong, and if the quality of this publication is a guide, we can expect more involvement in future.

A number of Traders have found the brochure useful in advising customers of Christmas options around the market, and one jokes that it would be ideal for disguising mobile phone gaming (absolutely disgraceful - Ed).

If you haven’t seen the Christmas Gift Guide yet we suggest you call at F1 on Queen St. You might also put a note in your diary for next year to make sure your business is part of the promotion.