Sunday 22 December 2019

Our New Car Park Takes Shape

Attendees at the QVM Committee of Trustees meeting last Tuesday were given a rare view of the “big hole” at Munro’s which gave some clarity to how this new area will work particularly in regard to car parking convenience.

The photo at the top is taken from the South side of the site, looking across to the market and shows the clear delineation of each car park level. H&I Sheds can be seen across the street.

Two things standout :
Firstly, the compactness of the site – the parking spaces will all be located within a fairly small area. 

Secondly, this new location is closer to the fresh food areas that most car park customers will be headed for.

The new location may change some customer access patterns, but in terms of convenience for food shoppers in particular, there would appear to be some pluses.

By Greg Smith