Sunday 15 December 2019

Heard Under The Sheds – 15/12/2019

Apparently a number of QVM Traders attended a fiery Council meeting on Tuesday which considered a proposal to restrict traffic flow in Queen St. and Franklin St. adjacent to the roundabout. There were reports that security were particularly active during the meeting. There had been suggestions that Queen St. was to be closed under the proposal, but this turned out to be inaccurate. Council approved the new traffic arrangement. 

A Trader tells us QVM’s position on the National Heritage Listing was confirmed by Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg on Thursday. Apparently the listing adds another level of protection to the market with the Federal Environment Department required to assess any significant development plans. QVM joins the MCG, Exhibition Buildings, and Bondi Beach on the list.

One of our Traders has been bold enough to make a retail prediction and because we respect the views of Tony Pierrakos we quote him here – “In the future, Traders who are experiencing loss of sales will need an offset in the form of online websites (with paid advertising) and perhaps a wholesale business if they are to survive. Participation in the Night Market, and an aggressive social media campaign wouldn’t hurt.”

Our bad (but irresistible) joke this week“How does Darth Vader like his Christmas Turkey? – on the dark side.”

A Trader asks why his neighbour insists on placing stock well outside the stall boundary. If all Traders leap frogged like that we would have no aisles at all.

Another Trader asks why some of her neighbours insist on playing loud music. Surely it is polite and good business sense to keep your music within your stall. After all it is called “background” music for good reason.

And while we are on complaints, a Trader asks if anybody has a view on the ruckus caused by the VR booths in J Shed? Apparently young participants are known to scream loudly during the show. Is that good for market buzz, or just an unnecessary distraction that might cause loss of sales for neighbours?

Next week’s forecast heatwave has Traders concerned at the impact on Christmas sales.