Sunday 2 February 2020

The End Nears For Victraders

The Editor of Victraders is retiring from the Queen Victoria Market and new content will cease within the next month or so. There will be no more articles and no more weekly emails but there is a good reason why this is not bad news.

Victraders started back in 2011 when a few members of a Trader Focus Group (set up by the CEO at the time) decided that Traders needed better communication. There were printed Trader Bulletins then but they were largely dismissed by Traders and more likely to end up in the rubbish than actually read.

 Victraders attempted to bring some balance to discussion and add in a little fun along the way. “Bringing balance” didn’t just impose on management but also on some Traders who could bring their own brand of propaganda to arguments.

But times have changed. QVM communication has come ahead in leaps and bounds. Traders now receive regular communication in many forms with printed Trader Bulletins (containing lots of useful information) being supplemented by emails, Trader hub sessions, and even SMS. Timely warnings of sudden changes in and around our market, mean that Traders are fully informed on matters that may affect their business.

Feedback and comment have been regularly invited, and the creation of Precinct Managers has improved communication. Getting direct management access has pleased many Traders (well at least those who got what they wanted). It is difficult to underestimate the value of Peter, Russell, and Renato wandering our halls and aisles.

A rejuvenated Trader Representative Committee will improve Trader input on policy decisions and  the QVM Committee of Trustees gives Traders a voice at the highest level.

Communication at QVM has improved dramatically and the future is bright. The departure of Victraders will not leave a vacuum, unless you have come to rely on Guru Pete’s weekly Facebook  horse racing tips, and that is a problem that may require advice beyond this article.

By Greg Smith.