Sunday 2 February 2020

Heard Under The Sheds – 2/2/2020

A Customer from Vancouver was excited to experience Melbourne’s famous four seasons in one day (well a few anyway) this week. He was assured that snow was unlikely.

A Trader says it was heart-breaking to see tourist buses turn up mid afternoon on the 43 degree Friday when most Traders had left.

It’s all in the name - a Trader tells us of a Canadian customers who was delighted to experience Melbourne’s art gallery offering including the Victorian Arts Centre on Southbank and some smaller near-city galleries. She was looking forward to checking out the Men’s Gallery in Lonsdale St. until our Trader explained it may not contain the art she was looking for. (Men’s Gallery is a strip club.)

A Trader suggested we needed to get the Coronavirus into perspective and pointed out that there were anywhere between 10,000 and 25,000 deaths from influenza in the US this past season.

On a similar vein, a Trader suggested the economic downturn, severe Australian bushfires, and now the Coronavirus travel restrictions are creating a perfect storm for retailers.

A Trader says he could handle Thursday and then Friday’s extreme heat but Saturday’s humidity was just too much.

A different perspective on String Bean Alley - The view from the top of String Bean Alley towards the city skyline is one of our most photographed spots in the market but the combination of some collected water, and a nearby trader’s model boat created this interesting vision.

That pool of water is on the verandah of one of the SBA containers. Many of the containers suffer from weather exposure and the problems for customer movement are obvious. One of our engineering/architectural advisers (we have many of them under the sheds) suggested a couple of small holes could be drilled in the decking to allow water to drain away. Sounds like a reasonable solution.

A trader reports that his two biggest sales on Wednesday night were to young children who were apparently spending their Lunar New Year gift money.