Friday 20 January 2012

Market Meter Maids

Trader Andy was inspired by a TV program on the famous meter maids of Surfers Paradise and wonders why we couldn't have something similar at QVM.
The public perceives car parking fines as a ripoff and the free publicity and goodwill generated by a meter maid scheme would appear to be substantial. We don't anticipate scantily clad bikini girls or as one female trader suggested, men in mankini's, but a theme more in keeping with QVM tradition could no doubt be found.
We welcome your input on this suggestion and any other ideas on parking subsidisation.

It's a good idea but there are still a lot of traders, mainly the food side of us, parking in queen St all day, so I think that needs to be sorted first as they are taking up valuable spaces for paying customers.
Posted by Leah to General Merchandise Traders at 30 January 2012 21:10