Friday 6 January 2012

The Way Forward - How Customers Have Changed.

We have written about the new consumerism and how customers have changed their buying attitudes, particularly since the GFC.
At last somebody has attempted to analyse the very ingredients that now motivate customers and, if we can apply these ingredients to our own retail decisions, we may just start making good choices for the future.
Have a close look at the graphic, particularly the first and last columns. One thing is guaranteed – the good old days are gone. The buying excesses that applied before the GFC are unlikely to return for a long, long time. We have to look at our customers in a new light.

Comment: "It strikes me that one aspect of "Responsibility" goes to carry bags, and that the new iniative in the food section to eradicate plastic bags is spot on the money. We are not so "Responsible" in the top end of the market." - 8/1/12