Friday 6 January 2012

Photo Caption Competition

Trader, Tony Pierrakos, has given us this photo for a caption competition with the prize being a couple of  small photographs from Tony's extensive range.
The best caption will be judged by trader Sue Smith so get those digital fingers working and submit via the “Post A Comment” option at the top right of this page or the “Comment here” option below.
Tony has offered to get the ball rolling with this offering –
“Is she still checking out my big butt?” –     (Yeah - you wish Tony – Ed)

Other Comments:
"If only they'd colour co-ordinated the labels!"
"Is that my wife?" 
"Tony realised that larger women did make him feel insecure."
"She thinks I'm looking at her but I'm just checking out this zit."
"I hate it when women don't make the first move?"