Thursday 12 January 2012

QVM Conducts A Survey On Us

Management are asking customers, through their Facebook page, for their thoughts on what makes the market so special and it is exclusively about general merchandise products.

Customers are directed to a website ( ) where they complete a questionnaire asking about their favourite general merchandise products and what they would like to see the general merchandise section offer. A $100 QVM shopping voucher is up for grabs.
Not sure what the survey is for but the comments on the Facebook page are all about food so it would appear that the market is surveying its local food customers.

Our thanks to Andrew Cyples for responding to this post.

From Andrew Cyples - 13/1/2012
"I have just read your article on the GMT Blog regarding the QVM Survey.
FYI - The survey has been running since the inception of the Market Life Magazine. It is run as a competition to engage readers with the Magazine and allow us to capture feedback about the Market.
The best responses are published in the following edition of the Magazine and on the Market Life Blog. 
The questions are changed frequently depending on the focus of the Magazine. The current questions have been featured in the last two editions - Issue 8 & 9. As the content for General Merchandise in the Magazine has increased we were interested in finding out the reach of General Merchandise product with local shoppers."