Tuesday 10 January 2012

Your Say: Ugly Boxes

Re-posted 10/01/2012 due to new comments:

Trader Mino has sent us two comments following the publishing of our photos of K shed ( http://www.victraders.com/2011/12/pictures-tell-us-lot-about-our.html ).
If Chadstone, or any other shopping centre, had metal boxes displayed like this in K shed, I would never go there.
"It is more complex as it is" as you said.
Just Leather Products

The longer I looked at this photo, the more I realised it had a different angle:
This photo is about us - and not about them.
This only shows how much we underestimate our customers. 
They are much smarter than we think.
For their money, they expect to be respected first, then get value for money.
If you smoke, eat and drink in front of customer of course they will judge you.
They will not come again in your shop, not even in the Market.
Hello Traders: "Wake up" - there is stiff competition outside.
Just Leather Products

Thank you Mino – we welcome your input. The question of how we present ourselves to customers at all levels deserves constant attention and review.
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"The boxes are so ugly, as they are left just about anywhere until the the end of the day. It's up to the the big boys from the QVM office to make sure that no boxes are parked right next to retail stalls and affecting in many ways their business. The officers don't like parked cars next to a stall (whats nicer?). It's also up to the boxes companies to provide more parking area for their boxes."

Posted by ARIEL GABIZON to General Merchandise Traders at 10 January 2012 00:00

"What looks worse than an empty stall? - a stall filled with other trader's boxes.
What looks worse than an empty stall with boxes in it? - a stall with other trader's car(s)/van(s) in it.
Why would anybody want to make our market look like a carpark?"

Posted by Anonymous to General Merchandise Traders at 10 January 2012 08:00