Friday 1 February 2013

5 Tips For Making The Most of Recessionary February

February is traditionally a very quite month for trading at QVM. The Christmas buzz is over, kids are back at school having emptied their parents wallets, and there is not a lot happening in Melbourne between the Tennis Open and the Grand Prix. But there are ways to make good use of your time. 

1. Clean out -February is a good time to get rid of all those end-of-lines, shop soiled or dud items that have been collecting on the shelves all year. Get rid of unwanted stock, convert it to cash, and reward your February customers with some ridiculously cheap prices.

2. Spring clean - setting up and folding down each day puts significant wear and tear on all our fixtures and fittings. February is a good time to organise repairs and do some sprucing up.

3. Experiment - got plans for changing things this year? February is a good month to try out that new display arrangement or merchandising idea you've been thinking about before business hots up.

4. Plan - haven't got any plans for change this year? Well it is about time you thought of some. Retailing is going through a period of significant change and those that sit and wait for change to come to them will be left behind. Think about a website, social media involvement, direct sourcing of product, new product ideas. The sky is the limit.

5. Take a holiday - we've left the most attractive option till last but remember, if you do take a holiday in February, schedule all the above for when you get back.