Friday 1 February 2013

Painfully Slow Progress At QVM

Small businesses like QVM market stalls have built in flexibility. It is one of the essential ingredients of this type of business that you can react quickly to retail trading conditions. This is why it is so frustrating when change is in the hands of others.

The long process of MCC/QVM Board/Trader meetings seems eons ago and little has been achieved. Sure, there is now a program of TAC meetings but these are scheduled every two months. We are currently establishing two sub-committees with management to address specific issues but one of these sub-committees will not meet until 20th February and the other has not yet been set up.

Our desire for action may seem a little impatient to more corporate types except for one essential ingredient. Traders are losing money. In fact some have been losing money for the last 3 years. Failure to address this income problem makes a mockery of consultation and claimed concern for the future of QVM and its traders. Quick action and strong leadership are desperately needed.