Saturday 23 February 2013

Recent Trader Comments

The following comments have been received from traders over recent days.

20/02/2013 14:53:08 Thursday Night Trading - "Hi Ariel Gabizon - In the case of the trail for Thursday night trading, l was suggesting to that traders would have the choice of either the standard Day market or trading in the Night Market.
Day Market you would trade from 6am till 2pm
Night Market you would trade from 12pm till 8pm.
It was a choice of 1 or the other. I hope this clears up any confusion you may have in regards to this.
Please remember though, this was just an idea, that l had, and no formal proposal has been submitted to the QVM management. There is always room for change if a formal proposal is submitted at some stage in the future." Lance Dyer

21/02/2013 09:34:17 SUZUKI NIGHT MARKET EXTENDED SEASON? "Are we are are we not continuing till the end of March??? Management must think that we traders do not have a life outside of QVM. We traders need more than a couple of days notice!!!!
We have to organise staff, some of us have booked holidays in march and get extra stock ready.
Also the gold coin charity donation/ market fund raiser last night was very poor form. Either you do it for the whole summer market or not a tall .
Is QVM not making enough $$ from the Night Market ??
You have to wonder who is steering this ship." Poor Form

21/02/2013 09:41:58 trading times "Surely the simplest change to make initially would to put the trading day back - say 10am to 5pm - and be consistent by making every day the same. This would apply to the General Merchandise only."

22/02/2013 16:37:41 SUZUKI NIGHT MARKET EXTENDED SEASON? "Dear Editor,
I am disappointed that you choose not to post my letter earlier this week about Suzuki extension to end of March and the poor form regarding Gold Coin donation also at Suzuki !
Any Reasons ??" Poor Form

Sorry Poor Form - your editor is away at present and communication is a little restricted. Normal service will be resumed next week. - Ed