Sunday 3 February 2013

New Walkway In General Merchandise

This weekend customers were able to walk from the carpark to A shed via a new walkway. Established halfway between the W centreway and Peel St, the new passage has created a different traffic flow for customers. 
Trader reaction so far appears favourable although the Fruit and Vegetable Traders who threw their rubbish into the new walkway on Saturday may have been trying to send a different message. The walkway creates new corner spots and tends to break up the monotony of our long aisles.
Playing with our traditional traffic flows requires some caution. Customers find it difficult enough to return to previously visited stalls without creating new options. However, if we can give better exposure to traders by creating new corner spots and add convenience and flexibility for our customers then this initiative deserves support. What do you think?

This post was inspired by JR of E shed who makes some interesting points below.

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03/02/2013 17:03:20 New walkways "The new walk through   to victoria Street shops area is one of the best plans yet.   The traffic flow through th sheds seemed less congested this weekend
and we didn't have the problem of people trying to cut through the back of  our stall in   ""E Shed ""  It should work out well for all traders.
Another suggestion management may want to look at should be the naming of the Walk throughs with Street names also naming the aisles with street names of high profile or Good Melbourne characters or past Vic market identities would make it easier for customers to remember. String Bean Alley seems to work well" JR  E SHED