Sunday 10 February 2013

Just Get Us More Customers

Waiting for things to return to normal (whatever that is in retail) is a choice full of dangers.
Many Australian businesses would like the A$ to return to 70-80 US cents but as Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said this week, that is unlikely to happen under current conditions and decision makers must assume the dollar will remain at current levels. 

A similar attitude could be taken with customer numbers at QVM. There are traders waiting for the return of greater customer numbers. How often do you hear the phrase "just get us more customers and we'll be fine". Yes, effective marketing and promotion have their role in attracting more customers to QVM but we may have to live with smaller crowds for quite some time. This is particularly true if our A$ stays strong and Australian tourists travel overseas rather than interstate.The problem then becomes how we engage those customers that do come, provide the service they are looking for, and keep them coming back.

Here are some of the things you need to tick off -
1.    EFTPOS facilities - essential in today's digital environment.
2.    Honesty - this may sound stupid but the point is our customers are smarter than ever thanks to web searches and global access. Traders have to be completely up to date on price, quality, and availability if they wish to survive.
3.    Attentive customer service.
4.    Digital access to your business through a website or Facebook.
5.    Constant innovation in product selection and stall presentation and appearance.

Are you waiting for things to change, leaving it for someone else to do, or accepting the customer's challenge to provide retail excellence?