Friday 22 February 2013

A New Way of Interacting With Customers

Changes in retailing have brought us many new ways of interacting with customers but we found this one at our back door.

Trader Mino has found success by posting photos of himself with customers on social media. We have posted articles before about the new trend, particularly in the younger generation, to take photos while they are shopping and then sending them to their friends via social exchanges like Facebook and Twitter. The old practise of traders banning photos is no longer appropriate, unless you want your customers to stop advertising your products.

Mino has taken the process a step further and actively encourages customers to take photos or takes his own photo with the customer and then posts it on online. If he comes across a customer taking a photo he hands them a business card and asks them to email him a copy of the photo. Mino estimates that 80% of those customers oblige. When the photos end up on the QVM Facebook page with its 17,000 friends, the exposure takes off.

Getting your customers involved, and showing others, seems a smart thing to do.