Wednesday 15 January 2014

Car Parking Fees Raised

As noted in our article on 22nd December, parking fees in the QVM carpark have gone up. The fee rise has been attributed to a new State Government congestion tax.
The first two hours of parking will now cost $8 (up from $6), and $3 per hour thereafter (unchanged). The maximum daily rate is now $27 (up from $25). Parking on non market days and all day voucher parking on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday remain unchanged.

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04/01/2014 22:01:38 Car park price increase "Thanks Mr Lord Mayor for the car park increase  it goes along quite well with the Crap !!! Christmas Decotations you gave us!!!!!! The whole city was dressed up to the nines except the QVM which is supposed to be one of the main tourist attractions of Melbourne.Thanks once again no wonder no one wants to shop here anymore why come to the market when before you even get here most people have to pay for tolls ( unless your a local ) and then they make you pay more for the parking.Why come here when it's cheaper to go to your local shopping centre it's under cover (mostly) it's warm or cool depending on the day , you don't have to drag your kids around in the poring rain or the boiling heat and you don't have to pay for parking it's FREE!!!!!!! "