Sunday 12 January 2014

Pricing Tickets And Signage

Part of making our market look more professional in this very competitive retail environment is attending to the small things in merchandising. In football parlance it is the small improvements, the one-percenters, that add up to a better team effort.

Torn, old, grubby or generally unprofessional signage can detract from any stall’s appeal. Pricing is one of those functions that can be frustrating. You spend time making up a new sign only to sell out of the item and your sign ends up at the bottom of the storage box. So the tendency is to cut corners and improvise with an old sign.

Well, QVM are coming to the rescue. Price sign templates will shortly be put on the Trader’s Hub for simple downloading and printing by traders. If you have particular needs or have difficulty printing or laminating signs you are invited to call Victoria Niewalda for assistance on 0419 548 815.

And yes, our photo is from the archives. Nobody could use hand written signs like that anymore – could they?