Thursday 2 January 2014

The 15 Most Read Articles For 2013

These are the articles that got the highest number of direct readers on the Victraders website in 2013. Victraders can be read by anyone with web access although most of the readership comes from traders themselves with a few articles having a wider audience because of their content. Just click on the links to view the full articles.

This article about the possibility of making the General Merchandise area of the market smaller attracted plenty of comment from traders.

Identifying some of the areas that traders need to address attracted high readership. We can expect more debate into 2014.

A traders suggestion that we could introduce some national brands into the QVM drew a strong reaction from traders.

An historic announcement in trader/management relations with Board members attending QVM Advisory Committee meetings.

This article about the battle between online and bricks’n’mortar stores drew a comment from one of the retail industry’s gurus.

Traders expressing their views on what a CEO should do.

A letter from Trader Representative, Ivano Guseli, to the City of Melbourne was mentioned in a Council meeting and gained a high readership.

News and rumours are always popular around the market and this article reached our top 15 list.

A CEO resigning is big news any day.

This article championed the “modest and fragile” small business and questioned whether multiple stall operators should move on from QVM.

The sad passing of the past President of our traders association.

A big splash on Channel 7 News attracted a lot of attention.

The first time a Trader Representative had presented to the QVM Board.

Once again traders like to read about what other traders are saying. On this occasion it was extended trading hours and the night market.

The new String Bean Alley concept gets attention in this article.

And our most read article for 2013? – It was the article about Melbourne City Concillors discussing a trader submission at a full council meeting.
We suspect this article gained extra readership from outside the market.

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