Sunday 19 January 2014

Considering Changing Your Product Range?

The New Year brings with it an opportunity to review your market business and make plans for 2014. Retailing is going through a difficult time and it is important that we constantly look for innovative ideas to make our business more attractive to consumers.

Part of your plan may include adding new products or even completely changing your product range. There have been a number if articles on this website about the repetitive nature of some categories at QVM and, maybe you have considered a change of direction. Changes can certainly be made although obviously you need management approval and QVM management have offered a service that may assist.

Victoria Niewalda has been engaged by QVM to assist traders in evaluating their retail operations. Victoria will be attending the upcoming Melbourne Gift Fair and is happy to meet with traders and discuss their product range options. Simply give her a call on 0419 548 815 to start the process or talk to one of your Trader Representatives.

With the Melbourne Gift Fair coming up (1-4 February) the time is right for considering options in the gift, homewares, jewellery, and handbag categories but traders in all categories are welcome to ring Victoria and discuss their retail needs.