Sunday 19 January 2014

Finally - A Use For 3D Printing

As a retailer I am always looking for innovative ways to excite my customers and 3D printers seem to have fascinating possibilities. For the un-initiated 3D printers are desktop printers that produce solid 3 dimensional objects, usually made by plastic extrusion, which can do their manufacturing in your home, office, or warehouse. Just program in the item you want and press the button.

I'm sure these things could be very useful and in fact there are some breakthroughs for medical technology but for mass appeal so far all I have seen are some pretty cheap looking plastic figurines that are hardly exciting the senses. But now I see the light. US chocolate maker, Hershey's, have just signed up a deal to create 3D printers that make things out of chocolate. Just put in the right software and you can pretty much produce any item out of chocolate. Now that has real possibilities. And just think, you can eat the failures!