Sunday 16 February 2014

Global News Items On Innovation In Retailing -

- Russia's internet fashion retailer, Lamoda, has 1.5 million active customers and uses delivery staff as its sales assistants. In a country with a notoriously unreliable postal service, Lamoda delivers direct to customers, gives them time to try on the item, and then collects payment and organises any returns.

- A US manufacturer of nasal sprays used to combat dust in the home found it achieved 40% better sales selling at hardware store counters than the traditional drugstore chains. The sales boost was driven by hardware stores looking to provide extra service to their customers.

- A small sofa manufacturer in North Carolina couldn't compete with larger competitors in marketing so he introduced existing customer tryouts. Prospective customers can visit the home of existing customers to sample the furniture in a home environment. The existing customers receive a $50 fee for their service.