Sunday 16 February 2014

Subconscious Buying - The Untapped Market

How much of our shopping is driven by planned deliberate choices and how much comes from our sub-conscious thoughts as we walk around shops. A recent study by Nielson's in the US suggested that around 70% of supermarket purchases were planned leaving a massive 30% to "on the spot" buying decisions and it was suggested that the supermarket experience translated to all forms of retailing.

Your sub-conscious may work through simple idle thought. You are thinking about the upcoming weekend and suddenly realise that you need to buy an item for a particular activity. Or you may get distracted by something while doing your shopping. This is why supermarkets have cooking demonstrations at key locations in store. Getting customers out of their focused shopping list mentality and into more open purchasing mode is the name of this game.

The same works at QVM. Many of the customers walking through the top end of the market are on their way to buy food with shopping list in hand.  These are potential customers and if Nielson's are correct, the potential for sub-conscious sales is quite large. The secret is to grab their attention and we do that through irresistible displays and ideally a bit of theatre. Giving your stall the right appeal through a well merchandised, attractive display, and creating a significant point of difference with your surroundings, is likely to translate to more dollars. Getting customers to think outside their formal shopping trip and to embrace the sub-conscious is the challenge.