Sunday 16 February 2014

News From Under The Sheds

Plastic Bag Reduction
After the successful introduction of a Plastic Bag Reduction Program in the food areas, QVM is about to launch a similar campaign in the top end Specialty Merchandise area. The aim will be to reduce the use of standard plastic bags and incorporate sustainability practices that the community has come to expect of retailers generally. 

Policing Market Rules
At the request of traders, QVM management will shortly be giving more attention to some of our existing market rules - rules that are designed to enhance the trading experience for all traders and present our market in the best possible light to customers. Things like storage boxes remaining in aisles after trading commences or being placed in aisles before closing time, will be targeted. Storage boxes are a very useful part of our operation but they can inhibit business if they block aisles during business hours. 
Other market rules are also under examination.

Single Day Absences
SL licence holders are not allowed single day absences from the market. Leave has to be taken in one week blocks. The inequities of this licence condition have been obvious for some time and the recent spate of 40 degree + days has highlighted them once again. QVMAC Traders and management are currently holding discussions on how some flexibility may be introduced for SL licence holders. Watch this space.