Sunday 23 February 2014

Trader Murphy Was An Optimist

We decided that it was time Murphy's Law was applied to QVM. Here are some examples, and of course we welcome your input on Have Your Say.

- If a trader’s newsletter contains important information you won’t get one.

- If you put a new product on your stall, no matter what type or where it came from, a customer will ask – “Did you make that?”

- The day you want to leave the market early you will get a last minute customer.

- The day you get a new table cloth a pigeon will poop on it.

- If you overcharge a customer you will find him/her in the next stall. If you undercharge a customer they will have left the market.

- Your EFTPOS machine will run out of battery during the biggest sale of the day.

- When you are forced to take a day off it will be on the day of the week that you have already used up your allocation.

- Your hot lunch will always arrive just before a particularly lengthy sale.

- The last product in the range never sells.

-  A new product will sell particularly well only until the minute you place a repeat order.

- A very busy morning trade is usually followed by a quiet afternoon. A quiet morning usually stays that way.