Monday 10 February 2014

Why We Should Be Excited By First Stage of Renewal Consultation

The first round of renewal consultation has been released and while we are still wading through all the analysis it is encouraging to see that the key points raised by traders have been included.
In fact, not only have they been included but the strength of issues seems to have been picked up. Car parking was a major concern for traders, particularly from the food area, and this issue has been highlighted in the consultation report.
At an in-depth consultation with 17 GMT Traders on 19th November, a unanimous resolution was passed that traders preferred a multi-storey car park to an underground car park for safety, cost and disruption reasons.  That has been recorded. At the same meeting the importance of families in the trader make-up was highlighted. That has been recorded.
The point is that trader’s views are showing up as we hoped they would. The other point is that maintaining a strong interest in all these issues and being diligent in our examination will ensure that our voice is heard.
Having the opportunity to express our views and ultimately influence the direction of renewal is an exciting prospect. Traders are urged to add to the conversation at anytime on this website or direct with your QVMAC Representative.