Sunday 9 February 2014

Renewal Progress – First Round Consultation

The first round of renewal consultation with stakeholders (including traders) and community has been completed. You can read the full report here (click here) or we have drawn some highlights from the Executive Summary of the report below.

- A series of strategic projects are scheduled to take place over the next 5 – 10 years.
- Engagement took place with customers, traders, CoM and QVM staff, local residents and visitors.
- A deeper level of engagement took place with highly impacted stakeholders including traders and QVM staff.
- Common themes included the experience of the market, its location, its “Melbourne-ness”, and variety within the market.
- “Atmosphere” was the most common word used by participants describing what they loved about the market.
- Colours, sounds, smells, noises and a sense of space were all noted.
- Community and culture were key themes.
- A culture of local produce and locally made products was considered important.
- Cost, variety, quality and sustainability were important.
- Suggested market improvements included stall/shop directories, shed maintenance, lighting, more open space, and eating socialising areas.
- General Merchandise was highlighted as needing improvements in quality, variety and design.
- The Night Market was described as one of the most valued and popular events at the market.
- Car parking was a major concern for traders.
- Restoring, revealing and rediscovering were considered more important than radical change.

Some initial renewal concepts will now be developed and feedback sought in round 2 of the consultation process which will be undertaken April 2014.

There is much more detail in the full report including things like criticism of the General Merchandise area, concerns about car parking, and a push for more relevant trading hours.

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