Friday 24 April 2015

QVM On New Melbourne Monopoly Board Game

A couple of months ago, the Lord Mayor announced that Melbourne would get its own Monopoly board featuring a whole host of Melbourne attractions and famous streets. The entire board will have a Melbourne spin including the Community Chest, Chance and playing tokens.

As Queen Victoria Market is one of the premiere tourism and iconic Melbourne destinations, we were approached to have a tile on the board and our own Community Chest Card. The question is what to put on the Community Chest Card?

If you have a creative idea we would love to hear from you. One suggestion might be – “You sold all your products at the Market and earned $100. “ Submissions need to be 25 words or less and you will need to act quickly as submissions are supposed to close today (24th April). To meet the deadline we suggest you send your idea direct to Matt Bell ( . And don’t forget to send a copy to us for publishing on this website –