Friday 3 April 2015

Traders Workshop - General Merchandise (Second Group)

Here is a summary from the trader's workshop on 16th March involving Specialty Merchandise Traders.

SUMMARY – Monday 16 March 2015 Trader Discussion Group #5: General Merchandise

Provided below is a summary of the key messages and themes discussed at the trader discussion group held on the 16 March 2015.
 Note: these comments may have been paraphrased to reflect a range of similar comments associated with a single theme or issue.

Strengths of the Draft Master Plan
J Shed pedestrian link works already (don’t move traders from along the wall).
Fixed trading locations.
Plan for ongoing communication, engagement and consultation workshops.
Customer/trader amenities (toilets).

Weaknesses of the Draft Master Plan
Timeframes for delivery are unclear.
Loss of on street parking.
Uncertainty – where will traders end up?
Detail around ongoing communication with stakeholders.
Too much focus on events may impact other parts of QVM.

Priorities for Final Master Plan
Keeping the market “a family market”– don’t try and replicate Federation Square.
Car park management .
Public seating/shade.
Maintaining loading operations.
Early wins.
Services – ATMs and international currency exchange.
Bus parking.
Trader participation in assisting with operational planning.
F-shed weather protection.
Even distribution of public toilets.

Other Key Considerations
QVM needs a Christmas tree and more decoration.
Impacts on traders.
Why remove car park?
No more plane trees please .
Operational improvements, i.e. forklifts and cleaning.
Layout and format.
QVM need to action some small wins to build trust with traders.
MMW – not a market event.
Social Kitchen did not work for traders.
Traders understand customer views and can communicate these to QVM management.
Manage cause and effect.