Monday, 25 July 2016

A Few Key Points From A Busy Week

QVM has just gone through one of the most intense periods of media exposure in a while. Summarising all that information about renewal is just too difficult but here are some official statements that caught our eye -

 "More than half the proposed budget will be spent below-ground, with cool rooms, storage, and dedicated delivery and loading docks to make the market safer, improve operations for traders, and create more room for customers and market trade in the long-term." - City of Melbourne press release.

"It is expected that the renewal will take five years to complete, not up to 10 as initially thought, with many of the projects to be completed within one to two years of starting," - CoM press release.

"We know car parking is important and this is reflected in the project staging. From 1 September, we will be reducing car parking rates on market days to attract more customers throughout renewal and support our traders. The first hour of parking will be free on market days and $5 for two hours." - CoM press release.

"We’ll also be ramping up our promotion of the day market so we can attract new customers and ensure our existing loyal customers know that we will be open for business right throughout renewal." - CoM press release.

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25/07/2016 14:55:30 Positive steps " The  small steps taken will help a lot in these renewal process . 
Parking  is a positive step .  May I suggest since there will be a lot of disruption all around a buffer zone should be phased around the market in order to facilitate easy parking this would mean a little loss of revenue for the city council but think of the positives of this will create a 500 meter buffer friendly zone ,  for people to be able to stop in this  area without fear of being booked..  And please get rid of that. Cocca cola  monstrosity  that occupies the best location in the market, and replace it with a ATM. There are enough vendors around as well as one machine at the toilet end." Andrew G.