Sunday 24 July 2016

Let's All Take A Deep Breath

Passions run deep at the Queen Victoria Market. For a whole lot of very good reasons it is understandable that tempers become frayed, old friendships are tested, and fingers are pointed. An emotion packed union meeting probably added to tensions during the week and we had at least one example of a trader making a threat against another trader over renewal matters.

In every democratic process we have a right to express our views, listen to others, gain information, change our minds and form opinions. That is how important matters are thrashed out. But it is crucial to the success of this debate that we give everybody, friend and foe, that right, without threats, misinformation, or intimidation. Our lady (The Queen Victoria Market) deserves the respect of an informed, well debated consideration of her future and all participants deserve respect as well.

Ironically the old lady is probably laughing at us right now. She has been with us for over 130 years and the odds are that whatever happens she will be with us for at least another 130 years. Let's hope that is what happens anyway.