Sunday 10 July 2016

Latest Retail News – 10/7/2016

Latest Retail News – 10/7/2016
1. Uniqlo suspends some of its operations in Bangladesh following sectarian violence.
2. Australian ugg boots go upmarket in China.
3. More 7-Eleven franchisees fined for under-paying employees.
4. More Australians are eating Salmon.
5. Lindt Chocolate launches new $60m factory in Sydney.
6. Godfrey’s second CEO resignation in 6 months.
7. National Retail Association’s, Trevor Evans elected to Federal Parliament.
8. ABS says steady increase in consumer spending during May.
9. Electrolux to close its hot water business.
10. RCG Corporation (Platypus, Skechers etc.) buys Hype DC footwear chain.
11. Aussie Farmers Direct posts $15m loss.
12. UBS warns Woolies could start price war.
13. Gerry Harvey says dictatorship may be preferable to Government gridlock.

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