Sunday 24 July 2016

The Real Guru Is Back

Guru Pete, our esteemed market cleaner, is currently on a 3 month trial with his new employer at QVM, and his priority has been behaving in a respectful customer serviced manner while he is under review. There have been plenty of "Yes Sir/Madam", "No Sir/Madam" comments from Pete. This has led to some traders saying what has happened to the old Pete.

In a market of rough diamonds, Pete has found it necessary in the past to have a certain edge himself. The banter between traders and Pete has become a rich source of friendly argument, polite insults (is there such a thing?), and humorous exchanges.

Well, this week Pete told us he has had enough of the niceties. He has experienced enough grovelling to last a lifetime and he is back to his best as an enthusiastic commentator on life at QVM. Expect Pete to give you a rough time over your stall presentation and customer service, all while feeding in his own humorous  take on what is happening around QVM.

And can we just point out to his new employer that Pete will be more productive now that he is back to his energetic self. Welcome back Pete.