Sunday 31 July 2016

New Age Market In Rotterdam

Rotterdam's Markthal is a very interesting combination of residential apartments, offices, and a food market all contained in a high tech horse-shoe shaped building. It has little direct relevance to QVM's renewal but there are aspects of general retail interest that deserve a look. They include the wide aisles and ease of movement, the inter-spacing of eating areas, and the use of greenery throughout the hall.

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02/08/2016 20:10:26 Rotterdam I do not think that Rotterdam's postcode is 3000. Are we getting lost in whats happening overseas and forgetting that QVM is unique in it's own right. Karl ADK since 1950

I don't think anybody is forgetting the uniqueness of QVM Karl but keeping an open mind about retail possibilities would seem to be a smart move even for a market as great as ours. Personally, I'd feel uncomfortable buying food in an art gallery but Victraders aims to bring all possibilities. Thanks for adding your view. - Ed.