Friday, 8 July 2016

True Or False – QVM Spends More Advertising Dollars On Night Market Than Day Market

One aspect of QVM marketing that irks day traders is the seemingly disproportionate emphasis given to the Night Markets. So is it true or false that QVM spend more on advertising the night market?

FALSE – At a trader/management meeting yesterday it was revealed that less than 15% of QVM’s advertising budget was spent on the Night Market. We were given the figures but in the interests of confidentiality we will not reveal them here.

Total media exposure for the Night Market is of course huge with a big uptake on social media and free press. It is a “sexy” event.

It should also be noted that advertising is not the only component of QVM’s total marketing spend. We don’t know how much staff time and wages are dedicated to the night market, but it is good to know the facts about core advertising expenditure.