Sunday 24 July 2016

The Two Renewal Options

The following article lacks balance but it does make an interesting point? Let me know what you think - Ed.

The Two Options For Traders
Option 1.The Yes Camp
-    Enable a road to go through the bottom of our market in exchange for a $30m kickstart to funding much needed infrastructure improvements.
-    Transform the handling of Fruit & Vegetables to provide a safer,more efficient produce handling structure for traders through underground facilities. This will enable produce to be stored and handled immediately adjacent to selling areas without compromising health & safety.
-    Replace an ugly asphalt car park with public rest & recreation facilities whilst ensuring that existing car park capacity remains adjacent to the market.
-    Improve conditions for customers including upgraded toilet and service facilities.
-    Improve customer access and way-finding in order to meet the convenience requirements of modern consumers.
-    Create a market of markets that accommodates different offerings, different trading hours, and a variety of options for all customer groups.
-    Provide trading facilities that enable traders to maximise their presentation to customers including the possibility of more permanent trading environments.
-    Endure some pain during the renewal process in exchange for arresting the decline of the market and preparing for the next 100 years of profitable market trading.

Option 2. The No Camp
-    A coat of paint.
-    Some weather protection.

What is the bigger gamble? Taking action to address the needs of a modern market and modern consumers OR leaving things as they are and hoping that the obvious decline of our market over the last 10-15 years will somehow stop.