Friday, 2 October 2015

Consumers Making Smaller Vegetable Purchases More Often

In their latest Project Harvest Report the peak industry body representing vegetable and potato growers, Ausveg, have identified some interesting trends in vegetable purchasing and consumption.

Essentially they have found that consumers are buying smaller lots of vegetables more often. They theorise that consumers are more conscious of wastage and are happy to visit their vegetable retailer every couple of days to achieve minimum wastage. The effect is that smaller pre-packaged or individual vegetable purchases are on the rise while larger pre-packaged formats are declining.

A spokesperson said - “When they go vegetable shopping, these consumers are only planning a couple of meals ahead, because they’ll return in a night or two. This means that they’re looking for portion sizes that they can grab, use immediately and have nothing left over.” “In some cases this leads them to buying loose leaves, or convenient formats like salad trays and small pre-packaged bags. In other cases, it means they’re only looking to buy one or two broccoli heads or chillies instead of a full tray.”

What does this trend mean for QVM Fruit & Vegetable sellers? – we would love your views.